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Welcome on this site of news, maps, pictures and webcams of Spitsbergen and Svalbard in Arctic Norway. In the selected areas, you can point on the maps to view the pictures.

A wide range of activities are available on Svalbard, from hiking, kayak, boat trips, cruise, during summer and autumn to skiing trips with snowmobile or dog-sled transport during the winter season. Svalbard is also worth experiencing from a kayak which offers opportunities for combining kayak with hiking.

Sailing or cruising around the Svalbard Archipelgo also offers a good way to
discover Spitsbergen's mountains, tundra, ice caps, glaciers, remains of mining or whaling settlements. Ships often give good opportunities to encounter polar bears as well as seals, walruses or whales.

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Nordauslandet in North East of Svalbard is a large island which has the two larger ice caps of the archipelago.

The thickness of the glacier is of more than 560 m. A great part of the base is under the sea level, just like in Greenland and Antarctica.

Austfonna, with a glacier front of 200 km long, is the world's third-largest ice cap after Antarctic and Greenland.

The north of the island is composed of tundra. Populations of reindeers and several colonies of walruses are found there.
The Gulf Stream maintains coastal water free of ice in summer.

Nordaustlandet island, with Kong Karls Land and Kvitøya is a part of the North East Svalbard Nature Reserve


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Flight over Svalbard

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Landing at Longyearbyen Airport

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Glacier Altbreen
Glacier Vendombreen
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Akseløya Island
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Cruise Ships and Icebreakers in Spitsbergen Polar Star
Grigoriy Mikheev
Professor Molchanov
Kapitan Khlebnikov
Professor Multanovskiy
R/V Lance


Belugas in Spitsbergen
Polar Bears and Beluga
Belugas in Sassenfjorden


Longyearbyen Airport

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Longyearbyen and Airport
Prins Karls Forland

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Expedition to find Amundsen’s plane fails
October 10, 2009

Amundsen Latham 47An expedition of the Royal Norwegian Navy that set sail at the end of August south of the Svalbard archipelago did not succeed finding the wreckage of Amundsen's plane.

The explorer disappeared on June 18, 1928 when his aircraft, a Latham 47, went down while flying on a rescue mission for another explorer, the Italian Umberto Nobile returning from the North Pole.

During the two weeks of the mission, documented by the German production company ContextTV, the search focused on a 40 square mile area of the sea floor based on the position given in the last radio message from Amundsen. Situated northwest of the island of Bjornoya (Bear Island), this area is located 500 kilometers north of Norway.

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