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Barentsburg : Smoldering coal waste could force to evacuation

Barentsburg - Photo WikipediaThe Russian mining city of Barentsburg, second city of Svalbard with 500 inhabitants, could be evacuated if open flames break out on a vast pile of coal mine waste that is smoldering.

After an inspection carried out at the end of October, Norwegian experts said that the immediate danger seemed to be over after Russians workers moved out the smoldering coals.

However for some mining experts like Norwegian Per Zakken Brekke, the danger of a big fire is not over (NRK radio network).


Svalbard Statistics 2005, Statistics Norway

Statistics Norway (SSB), has just published its statistical yearbook 2005 for Svalbard. The publication contains statistics on everything from the living conditions, the tourist activity, the environment, until the meteorological conditions and the evolution of the polar bear population.


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