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Welcome on this site of news, maps, pictures and webcams of Spitsbergen and Svalbard in Arctic Norway. In the selected areas, you can point on the maps to view the pictures.

A wide range of activities are available on Svalbard, from hiking, kayak, boat trips, cruise, during summer and autumn to skiing trips with snowmobile or dog-sled transport during the winter season. Svalbard is also worth experiencing from a kayak which offers opportunities for combining kayak with hiking.

Sailing or cruising around the Svalbard Archipelgo also offers a good way to
discover Spitsbergen's mountains, tundra, ice caps, glaciers, remains of mining or whaling settlements. Ships often give good opportunities to encounter polar bears as well as seals, walruses or whales.

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WebCam Longyearbyen large format - Store Norske
WebCam Ny-Alesund - Zeppelin Station - NILU

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Temperature and Weather Longyearbyen - Unis
Svalbard Weather and Forecast - Meteorologisk Institutt

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