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Edgeoya - Norway
Map Edgeoya - Svalbard


Edgeøya (Edge Island) and Barentsøya (Barents Island), very little visited, have a geological resemblance to the central part of Spitsbergen : rocks of the secondary era, plates eroded by the glaciers, polar caps on the tops.

South East Svalbard Nature Reserve covers the two islands Edgeøya and Barentsøya, and several smaller nearby islands and islets.

These two islands are zones of reproduction of the polar bears. These islands also have an important population of reindeers.

In the lower part of Ækongen, in the archipelago of Tusenøyane (archipelago of the Thousand Islands), the coast is littered with wood, very old whalebones, polar bear skulls and walrus bones.

On Bölscheøya in Tusenøyane are some remains of the extensive whaling and walrus hunting period.

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