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Nordaustlandet - Norway
Map Nordaustlandet West - Svalbard


Nordaustlandet (also called North East Land) is the second larger island of Svalbard after Spitsbergen. Nordaustlandet has the two larger ice caps of Svalbard, Vestfonna and Austfonna.

The north of the island is composed of tundra. Populations of reindeers and several colonies of walruses are found there. The Gulf Stream maintains coastal water free of ice in summer.

Svartknausflya, on Nordaustlandet is a barren polar desert almost devoid of vegetation. This area gets so little precipitation that hardly any plant life can grow and survive.

Nordaustlandet island, with Kong Karls Land and Kvitoya is a part of the North East Svalbard Nature Reserve.

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