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Northern Lights - Norway


Northern lights (aurora borealis) are a phenomena caused by solar eruptions which generate solar winds.

Solar winds are then directed towards the earth which is protected against magnetic storms by a magnetic belt.
The solar winds enter via the northern pole and the southern magnetic pole.
Northern lights are created when there are too many particles.

The colors of northern lights correspond to the different gases in the ionosphere. In northern lights, oxygen atoms give off red and green light, depending on how high they are in the ionosphere. Nitrogen molecules give off blue and violet light.

Just outside Longyearbyen in Adventdalen, an Auroral Station built in 1978 works as an optical site for ground-based observations of the dayside and nightside aurora. Data from this Auroral Station have been used widely in publications throughout the last two decades of auroral research.

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  Norden Light  - Casa Borealis - Longyearbyen   Norden Light - Longyearbreen Glacier   Norden Light - Vestpynten - Longyearbyen   Norden Light - Vestpynten - Longyearbyen  
Norden Light - Vestpynten - Longyearbyen Norden Light - Mine 2 - Longyearbyen Norden Light - Nybyen - Larsbreen Glacier Norden Light - Vestpynten - Longyearbyen
Northern Lights - Haze and Full Moon   Northern Lights - Bolterdalen Valley Northern Lights - Nordlys Northern Light - Longyearbyen
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 Longyearbyen and Adventdalen

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