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Spitsbergen - Norway
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The North and East of Spitsbergen is characterised by large ice caps with glacier fronts up to tens of kilometers long. Olav V Land is a sector almost completely covered with ice

In the East, Atomfjella is the most mountainous area of the archipelago and has the two highest top Newtontoppen and Perriertoppen (1717 m). Newtontoppen is climbed by a Russian surveyor in 1900 while Perriertoppen, less visible and less accessible, is climbed for the first time in 1950 by a French expedition.

Mountaineering in Svalbard was initiated by Sir Martin Conway, who made the first crossing of the island in 1896.

In the southern opening of Hinlopen Strait (Hinlopentretet), Wilhelmøya is a island close to Olav V Land in Spitsbergen. The beaches of this island are littered with sub-fossilised whale skeletons.

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