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Danskøya Island was the starting point of the expedition to the North Pole in balloon of Andrée.

Near Danskøya, on Amsterdamøya are the remains of Smeerenburg, one of Europe's northernmost outposts. Built by Dutch whalers in 1617, Smeerenburg served as the centre of operations for the first intensive phase of whale fishery in Spiztbergen. Smeerenburg was abandoned in 1660 with the decline of whaling.The population of Smeerenburg has been estimated to have numbered around 200.

In North,
Moffen Nature Reserve, a little gravel island within North West Spitzbergen National Park is a important resting area for walrus.

The North East (Ny Friesland) is the most frozen area of Spitzbergen (Åsgärd's cap), also the least attended and the least charted.

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Albert I Land [jpg]
Danskøya [jpg]
Magdalenefjord [jpg]
Tromsdalen - Trongdalen (Krossfjord) [gif]
Raudfjord - Liefdefjord - Reinsdyrflya [jpg]

 Spitzbergen East

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